Getting Started with eZanti

eZanti is a user-focused content management system built to allow organizations with multiple locations or departments the ability to quickly edit each individual website, without giving up control of their brand.

The eZanti platform was developed with three main concepts in mind: ease-of-use, scalability, and security. The front-end design of each organization’s eZanti website is uniquely created from scratch, rather than modifying existing themes to ensure its security.

Get Started

Sign up for eZanti by clicking the “Schedule Demo” button anywhere on our website. From here, fill out your details using the form on this page to schedule a conversation with one of our customer experience experts.

eZanti is built around the unique needs of each customer. During the introductory call, we will gather specific information from you in order to build your custom solution.

What happens after I reach out for a demo?

Our team will reach out within 1-2 business day for your introductory call.

Logging In

After we have set up your admin account, you will be able to login.

  • Head to your Admin URL, which looks similar to: ""
  • Enter your login credentials and click the Login button

Account Settings

Change my password

You can update your password anytime by clicking on the “Forget Password?” link on the global login page.

Update my billing information

There is no method to handle billing information at the moment. We’re currently accept check and ACH.

Update my profile picture

This is managed through a different section (unique integration) there’s no UI for this on the main site. Please contact your system administrator to update this.

Navigating Your Account

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is where you can make changes to your franchise or department’s website. On the Dashboard’s main page is where you can view website analytics such as your visitors location, page visits over time, referrer types, and number of visitors in real time.

To get to the Dashboard, click on the Dashboard option in the side navigation.

Note: If you have multiple Franchises or accounts, you can switch between them by clicking on the “Location” dropdown menu in the page header.

Customizing your Dashboard

You can also customize your Dashboard view by changing the layout and adding additional widgets depending on the type of information you want to see.

To add widgets and manage your Dashboard:

  • Click on the Dashboard drop-down menu in the Website Analytics menu
  • Choose a widget type or choose an option to manage your Dashboard
Adding visitor segments

View a specific group of visitors by using search criteria or adding a segment.

To sort your visitors:

  • Click on the All Visits option in the Website Analytics menu
  • Use the search bar to filter your view or add a segment by clicking the “Add New Segment” button
  • Create a new segment using specific actions and conditions
  • Click the “Save” button to apply your changes
View website analytics within a date range

See data within a specified date range by modifying your visitor view.

To change your date range:

  • Click on the calendar option in the Website Analytics menu
  • Select a range from the options listed under “Period”
  • Select a date from the calendar to view analytics for that time period
Change location information

Select “Location Info” within your account to update details like your store hours, address, phone number and email. You can also edit your social media account information.

To edit your location information:

  • Click on the “Location Info” menu option within your account
  • Edit the fields shown
  • Click “Submit” to see your changes
Create a blog post

Add blogs to your website by clicking on the Blogs tab in your side navigation. Then click on the green “+ Add Blog” button.

  • Fill in the Title for your blog post
  • Leave Category as Blog
  • Fill in your content
  • Select an image under “Change Featured Image”
  • Choose to leave your page as “Unpublished” or select the “Published” option to see your page live
Add a staff member

Add staff members to your website by uploading their image and adding information such as name and a brief statement.

To add a new staff member to your website:

  • Click on the “Staff Members” menu option within your account
  • Click the “Add Staff” button
  • Fill in their title and add any necessary background information such as brief bio or work statement
  • Click “Choose File” in the “Change Image Featured” field to select a new image
  • Edit the number in the “Order” field to modify how that staff member’s order of appearance on your website
  • Choose to keep that staff member in draft mode, or publish them to see them appear on your website immediately

The Page Dashboard

Managing and adding pages

Your Page Dashboard is where you can create and manage your pages. From here, you can view existing pages, change their order of appearance on your website as well as hide or delete pages you no longer need or want visitors to see.

To get started, click on Pages in the side navigation.

Creating a new page

To create a new page:

  • Choose a template option from the drop down menu
  • Click the “Create” button
  • On the “Create” page you will see options to add a title to your page, a redirect website, as well as a menu parent if you wish to make this page a sub-menu option (select none to make this page a main menu option)
  • Add a meta-description
  • Use the content editor to add your content, insert images or videos, tables, etc.
  • Choose to leave your page as “Unpublished” or select the “Published” option to see your page live
View the status of your pages

Check the status of any of your pages by viewing page information in the “Manage” section. From here, you can delete specific pages, view page history, and edit your pages.

Arrange your pages

Establish page hierarchy by modifying their appearance on your website’s main navigation bar or only allowing access to certain pages by URL.

To arrange your pages in any order:

  • Go to the “Menus” section of your Page Dashboard
  • Drag and drop pages in your preferred order by clicking and holding the triple line icon next to the page name
  • Select “Hide” to remove the page from your website’s navigation menu (it will still be accessible by URL)
  • Select “Delete” to permanently remove the page from your website
  • Click the “Update Menu Order” button to save your changes
Add a testimonial

Add testimonials to your website by clicking on the Blogs tab in your side navigation. Then click on the green “+ Add Blog” button.

  • Fill in the Title as the customer’s name
  • Change Category to Testimonial
  • Fill in the content as the customer’s testimonial
  • Select an image under “Change Featured Image”
  • Choose to leave your page as “Unpublished” or select the “Published” option to see your page live
Integrate ReviewStar

This is the “PBC Review ID” field on Location Info.

Technical Specs

The eZanti application is built in Laravel and is fully self-hosted.

For more information on the technical requirements and recommended browsers click here.