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eZanti was created to easily integrate with your brand. Each step of the onboarding process is catered to create an easy transition to maximize your website technology.

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Sit back and watch your users make the modifications they want, while keeping your brand locked down.

Smart Content Management

We make it easy for users to do things like manage their staff, add new blogs, and update their location and contact information, all without having to go into the content editor.

This provides clear and consistent representation of information across all of your user sites, and allows you to work with data in meaningful ways.

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Built-in Quality Assurance

We have smart mechanisms in place to make quality assurance a natural part of the content creation process. If a user wants to link to another page, they have the ability to select it from their active pages, instead of copying and pasting links; reducing error and improving efficiency. We have also incorporated language processing directly into our editor to help find writing errors and offer smart suggestions.

SEO Keyword Insight

Using our premier data partner, we give each user insight into how they are performing geographically in relation to keywords that we’ve determined are the biggest traffic drivers in the industry. This provides nudges in the right direction when it comes to writing blog content, improving search engine ranking for the user in their local presence, as well as the brand on a national scale.

Streamlined Enrollment Workflow

We make user enrollment and data consistency easy. Simply provide the enrollment page to your upcoming users, and after approval, their site will be generated based off of your Master Site and available for management through your control panel.

Google Analytics Integration

Users can provide their Google Analytics ID to get full insight on how website visitors are interacting with their site. This works in conjunction with the Admin’s ID, so the Admin can see and monitor traffic across all sites.

Persistent Content

Users will have the ability to add and edit Persistent Content on their website, which are pieces of content that are displayed across the site. Use this to showcase a special event or promotion as a banner or the sidebar on your website.

Master Site Management

Admin users are able to control the default design and content across the user websites. Content can be also locked by an organization's master administer, preventing users from overwriting branded, sensitive, or key information.

Powerful Website Builder

Through an advanced but easy-to-use interface, backend users have the ability to add and edit content that is not locked by an Admin. They are able to drag and drop content, upload images, make format changes, manage pages, and more. Our smart content feature allow you to give your users the flexibility to get creative without giving up control of your brand.

Super Fast Pages

Because we are designed from the ground up for enterprise volume and government service availability, we have taken special measures to ensure that resources are used to support thousands of locations and sudden traffic spikes.

Custom Integrations

We can create and integrate custom solutions from your existing partners and corporate ecosystem. From affiliate marketing banners, additional tracking pixels, custom API integrations, to specific third-party integrations such as MailChimp and Shopify. We’re ready to meet your needs.

Website Design and Development

Ready to create a new look for your brand? We offer custom solutions including the designing and developing of websites so that you can truly showcase your brand and enhance your user's experience.

We Accommodating Our Users

We offer optional benefits for users, such as our white-glove service. Users can call in or text us from an authorized phone number to have our team make content changes on their behalf. This allows them to make changes such as adding a staff user as easy as texting us their photo and name.

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